Meal Planning Pro

A live workshop to help you learn how to feed your family tasty, healthy food one meal at a time.

Do you want to learn how to feel better, and spend less time worrying about what to make for dinner?

I thought so.

This course if for you if:

You want to feed your family healthy, nourishing meals, but you just don't have the time or energy after work.

You want to buy healthy food, but you think it's going to be too expensive.

You wish you could create delicious, weekly meal plans, but you don't know where to start.

You wish you felt energized, happy and healthy all day but you just feel tired and stressed out.

Seriously girlfriend, you're in the right place.


Imagine if you came home knowing exactly what was for dinner....and had most the prep work already DONE!

Imagine if you had more time with your family because you learned how to save time on meal prepping, cooking, and grocery shopping.

Imagine if you knew that your family was getting fed the nutrition they need to stay happy and healthy.

Imagine if you felt BETTER, woke up with energy AND it lasted ALL day!

Yeah, you CAN have it ALL.

Now, straight up, this course is NOT for you if:

You're already a meal-planning champion who's been doing this thang for years already. Go be awesome and eat healthy yo'!

You prefer to spend lots of money on healthy food and make frequent grocery trips.

You enjoy feeling tired and stressed out, and you're totally happy livin' yo' life that way!


What will you learn in Meal Planning Pro?

I'm glad you asked my peep. There are 3 sessions to this live workshop, each ABOUT an hour long.

At the end of all the sessions you'll have learned:

The steps, from start to finish, to create a strategic meal plan that makes healthy food affordable.

How to leverage tools you already probably use (hi Pinterest!) to aid you in your meal-planning journey.

To implement these steps and strategies to increase your energy, make you feel better and help you maintain a healthy weight due to the inclusion of whole foods.

How to alleviate the stress in your life because there will be no need to think about "what to make for dinner" after work.

How you can SAVE time by spending a few extra minutes creating a ROCKING meal plan for the week.

Basically, the "Meal Planning Pro" LIVE workshop will show you exactly how to become just that: A Meal Planning BOSS.


But you won't just get the workshop presentation, and then be left high and dry to do it ALL yourself.

How lame would that be?

In this workshop we'll get in-depth about every.single.step to creating your best, healthy meal plan to nourish your family. You'll watch Taylor create an actual meal plan, so you can see everything IN ACTION.

There will be awesome, helpful strategies to implement along the way too.

And that ain't all peeps...

There's awesome FREE bonuses!

Who doesn't love freebies right?

At the end of the workshop, you'll get a downloadable copy of the meal plan that we created during the workshop, so you can enjoy it with your family!

You'll get a download copy of all the slides in the workshop, WITH the audio recording, so you can watch, or listen, later if you need a refresher!

You'll even get a printable weekly calendar, so you can fill it in with your meals all week long!

AND, you'll get a printable grocery list organizer, so you can make ONE grocery store trip like a CHAMP.

Your Instructor

Taylor Kiser
Taylor Kiser

Taylor is the blogger, recipe developer, photographer and general mess maker behind the blog “Food Faith Fitness.” Her blog aims to show that eating healthfully does not have to break the bank or equal bland and boring! It can be easy to make and totally delicious.

Taylor struggled with anorexia in her teends, that battle was worsened as she did not have a relationship with healthy, whole foods. She ate whatever was the lowest calorie, regardless of how many chemicals it had. After a stint in the hospital, and working with many Registered Dietitians, Taylor recovered and learned the importance of a diet based around real food.

Today, Taylor knows that learning to make the effort to plan to include these foods everyday is very important. She does this constantly when planning recipes to create during the week, or what meals she will feed her husband and herself. She truly has seen the benefits of learning to healthy meal plan!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course will take place on from Saturday May, 7th/2016 at 10:00am PST - 1:30pm PST
Why do I need to eat whole foods?
Do you want to have more energy, reduce your risk for diabetes and heart disease AND lose weight? That's why you need to eat whole foods! They're packed with vitamins and minerals that your body needs and they don't spike your blood sugar, which keeps your feeling fuller, longer. This helps maintain a healthy weight, or can aid in weight loss. Plus, you'll feel good all day when you eat real food.
Won't planning all these healthy meals cost a lot of money?
No! That is a total myth about eating healthy. This workshop is going to show you exactly how meal planning makes eating healthy, real food affordable. You'll be able to feel good about your spending choices AND what you feed your family!
What if I can't make it at the time it's live?
I do encourage you to try to make it live but, don't worry, the workshop will be recorded! If you sign up for the workshop, you will have access to the recording and all the downloads and bonuses for life!
When do I need to register by?
Registration ends on Tuesday May 3rd at 11:59pm PST, so sign up before then to get in on the workshop!

Are you ready to join the ranks of Meal Planner Pro's who are already feeding their family delicious, healthy meals, feeling energized throughout the day and saving time and money doing it?

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